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"Cordova leather"

In recent years, we have been creating and producing embossed leathers called Cordoba leathers, intended for wall decoration.

These leathers are generally designed in perfect collaboration with our sponsors, then are pressed, tinted, and receive an appropriate finish, precious metals (gold or silver) or polychrome, weathered or simply waxed. They can be stretched on a frame or even on the walls. If necessary, friezes can be added and the patterns declined in coordinates of furniture, draperies, screens, seats, etc.

We work on order and export worldwide.

Patek  Shanghai
Salon Patek Patek Philippe à Genéve
Cuir gaufré red and black
Patek  Shanghai
Cuirgaufré embléme dfuS ri Lanka
Fauteuils cuirs de Cordoue
Porte blindée
Cuir mural
Carreau de cuir gaufré-Renaissance
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